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Hands Off Christopher Columbus

Preserving Italian American Culture

On 7-20-2020 the democrat leaning left wing cancel culture mob put our history and the icon of a statue of Christopher Columbus in its crosshairs. We as Italian Americans celebrate the history of Columbus and hold the accomplishments of his journey to this land backed by the country of Spain with their ships The Nina, Pinta, & Santa Maria. This is a journey that both the Italian and the Spanish cultures actknowledge and respect as in it's time, it was marked as an impossible journey and one that is foolish. Well the actual mark was missed to India, but this new land had much promise. We hold that journey as a marker of someone who took a risk, a stand to take on a goal and go for it. It is a part of both Italian and Spanish culture and in one weak moment, cowtowing to this democrat leaning, culture canceling, race bating mob. In a dash to do whatever the cancel culture mob wants....this weak pathetic elected Mayor Lightfoot takes down our statue of Christopher Columbus as a symbol of compromise to these radical brainwashed college types who use racist remarks, hurl rocks and frozen bottles at our Chicago Police and graphiti our streets and burn buildings. Lightfoot sides with these animals and we need help fighting back.


We need your help in way of Donation to help fight back with message and organized effort. We ask that all Americans support our pledge to remove Mayor Lightfoot from office and demand new leadership to take back our streets from mobs. We ask that the Italian and Spainish and other American communities unite and take a stand against this threat against our republic!


The threat is real, Italians and Spanish were targeted and your culture is next. These radicals have an agenda and the democrats are helping them from the inside...Look at all the democrat led cities and the mess that is going on....they are on the side of these domestic terrorist, using BLM and the death of George Floyd to do damage cities....15 Killed on the south side...EVEN A BLACK CHILD!!!.....we hear crickets from leadership and the REFUSAL to take help from Donald Trump to get it under control. Not even the MURDER of a child can shake their stupididty.


Democrats must not hold power and cancel culture can not be allowed to protest using racisim, violence and intimidation as its cause. We will fight for our right and for our culture to exist as Americans.


Donate today!...Donate now! a shirt, ..a hat...whatever you can do to help us take a stand.....We will fight to preserve our culture.

Your donation will help to fund..

- To help elect like minded Chicago officials.

- To help educate culture and the facts from history

- To help organize, protest or rally against any threat

 to our culture or history.

- To bring attention to hot button issues that effect

  the residents of Chicago.

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